Topo Chico Glassware Set of Six

$60.00 Coming Soon

Mexican glass bottles find a new home! These glasses are cut from Mexican bottles, and they are heavier glass than the US version and have a painted label. In Mexico, these bottles are washed and reused over and over, so they show signs of wear from backyard fiestas and late-night gatherings around the fire. We give them a new life by cutting and polishing the rim. Introduce them to parties of your own making!

Topo Chico Agua Mineral glasses made from gorgeous water bottles from Mexico. They have a lovely painted label with an image of a topless maiden dunking her head in the healing waters. Useful for beer, wine, or a tumbler full of tequila (or of course, mineral water).

Although all of the Topo Chico glassware shows some wear from reuse, you can choose to order a MUY RUSTICO set which is really beat up and looks like vintage bottles (because they are!) and are for those who want a more rustico look. They are the same price as the regular set.

Shipped in a set of six in a protective compostable package.

Shipping is $12 and will be sent via UPS ground. Texas residents will be charged 8% sales tax. Please allow up to two weeks for shipping.